The Fate of WWE ’14 Announced by 2K Games

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THQ’s release of the WWE ’13 really satisfied wrestling fans out there as it gained high ratings from known game critics like IGN, GameRevolution, Xbox Magazine and others. So far, the scores that these game review bodies provided were at an average of 8 to 9 based from the scale of 10.

As a result of the successful launch of the previous title. WWE fans eagerly awaited news as to what THQ has to offer them next. However, after the surprising closure of THQ, the development of the next WWE installment was put into a limbo. It left fans of the franchise quite disappointed and in question of the fate of the game.

When THQ filed for bankruptcy in January 2013, it eventually ceased its operations. The major franchises it owned, including the rights for them, were sold to other major game producers. The move also dissolved their partnership with the leading sports entertainment provider which is WWE.

Although press releases were made in the acquisition of THQ’s top titles by other companies in January, the WWE was not one of them. This certainly left many people wondering if WWE ’14 will come into fruition.

But just a month ago, the fans of the WWE franchise had a spark of hope as news circulated that Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of 2K Games, finally bought the rights of the WWE games of THQ. The company also came into terms with WWE about developing a sequel to the series in the following years to come. Take-Two even confirmed that they are already working on WWE ’14 and it is set to be released in autumn this year.

DigitalSpy confirmed that the Japanese studio Yuke’s, who have been working on the series since the Smackdown titles, will remain as the developer of the game.

Take-Two is the publisher of popular 2K sports games like the NBA 2K and MLB 2K series. David Ismailer and Greg Thomas of 2K games stated that they are definitely excited about working on the next title of the WWE game. Both said that it is a great addition to their well-known games.

In addition, they promised wrestling game fans out there that they will provide the same level of commitment that they showed in their sports games.

About the Sale

The exact figures of the sale were not yet made in public. However, what is known so far is that 2K will hire 20 employees who were part of the WWE development from the now defunct THQ. They will be making up the new Take-Two-based WWE development team said DigitalSpy. Moreover, these employees will be getting an estimated $75,000 worth of production equipment to aid them in their work.

New Title Format Being Considered

Since Take-Two Interactive is known for its 2K signature titles, rumors from insiders and gamers have been circulating recently about the title of the next game. Some say that the new publisher is ditching its current title format. Therefore, it will no longer be WWE ’14. Instead, the new game will be called WWE 2K14.

Source: DigitalSpy