The end of Google Reader

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world normally opens Google Reader as they usually do every morning with a cup of coffee, to get the latest updates from their favorite websites. This morning was different though, along with the daily feed updates, a rather unusual message popped up, announcing the end of Google Reader as of 1 July 2013.

read2Google recently released a statement on their blog explaining that Google is aiming it’s focus on quality, not quantity and by closing down a few of their products they hope to achieve this goal.

This is sad news for users of this product, and as it goes with all things in life, the one man’s death is another man’s bread.  Google Reader users have already started an early migration to Feedly. Similar to Google Reader, Feedly uses RSS feeds to deliver a unique and customized website feed service to its users.  Feedly has has seen a tsunami wave of over 500 000 new subscribers in the past 48 hours and this figure grows with every passing hour.  This is great news for Feedly, that have already started preparing for the new influx by adding extra services and increasing their bandwidth 10x.

Fortunately Google Reader didn’t completely monopolize the RSS feed readers and users can look forward to some other exciting readers available online.  These include The Old Reader, NewsBlur, Netvibes and Pulse.

It is sad to see Google Reader go, but at some point or another all goods things have to come to an end.



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