Temple Run to feature on Windows app store

Super popular game app, Temple Run is making its way to the Windows app store. This comes in a little late since Temple Run 2 has already been launched on the android and iOS platforms but users are nevertheless cheering the debut of Temple Run on the window platform.  Users are hoping that temple Run2, Temple Run Brave and Temple Run Oz hit the platform soon as well.

tem2Although the platform was hugely popular once it was launched, only a handful of phones like the Nokia Lumia 920 took it up with enthusiasm. Most established players chose to stick to Android with a wide base of apps and services available to users. Windows is now catching up with other platforms, once app development companies and freelance app developers have realized its potential as a mobile OS. Games, music, eBook, location and other apps are slowly appearing on the store. The latest app to make its debut was Pandora – a popular app for music streaming to the phone.

Temple Run is a thrilling action game where a player has to make off with an ancient idol thieved from a temple. The objective of the game is to collect point and evade the temple’s guardians – three burly, very angry monkeys after the player’s neck! Addictive, fun, exciting game for adults and kids alike.

Other apps that will follow Temple Run are 6th Planet, Drift Mania Championship, Flight Theory, Orcs Must Survive, Propel Man and Ruzzle games. Exciting prospect for Windows phone users with a volley of apps banging on Microsoft’s doorstep.


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