Taskbox 2.0 released for iOS devices

Taskbox is an interesting innovative app that combines two great features that the users frequently use-email and task manager into one usable app. Apple’s iStore has received a new version of Taskbox, Taskbox 2.0 to help users go through emails quickly and efficiently so they are not bogged down by unwanted, spammy mail that clutters the mailbox. The app is a great new alternative to sparrow, another email client that was bought by Google in 2012.

task2The update to Taskbox offers some good features for users to speed up email viewing and sort important, high priority mail from a long list of emails. With the new version, Taskbox 2.0, users can lineup important mail and list them under one filter to follow up on later. Some other features are swiping spam and inconsequential messages out of the spam folder, trash or inbox, track items assigned to others, send responses to precipitate quick action or indicate unavailability or acknowledgement and sort unread items based on different filters like dates, priority and other criteria. The Taskbox 2.0 provides a neat dashboard to manage emails and tasks quickly, easily and efficiently.

An app more on the administrative side, it helps users track and manage their emails which are of prime importance to the working brigade constantly on their tablets and phones. With users slowly moving away from regular computing environments to mobile devices like tablets and phones, the Taskbox 2.0 is a real time saver. Task organization, management and tracking all in one app.


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