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Take a look at the Galaxy S4 accessories


March 14 was the final unveiling of the much anticipated Galaxy S4 smart phone. We already had a fair idea about the device, thanks to the various rumors that had been going around the internet. And surprisingly most of these rumors were indeed true.

The flagship device from Samsung seems to been a modest upgrade from the Galaxy s3 with the design and the looks almost similar to the Galaxy S3. The company has increased the screen size to 5 inch with a resolution of 1920×1080. Even though it’s a 5 inch display, Samsung has managed to incorporate a pixel density of 441 PPI, the exact same pixel density figure found in Xperia Z and HTC One. But the most striking difference between S4 and its competitors is the addition of the 8 core processor in the device. No other smart phone in the industry boasts of such a powerful processor and the octa core processor (4 working cores at a time) seems to be the USP of the device.

But we are not here to compare or perform a review of the device. Infact, today, we are looking at the various galaxy S4 accessories that the company launched with the device. Last year, Lumia 920 managed to grab the attention of critics as well as customers alike with the launch of Lumia 920 exclusive accessories like the fatboy wireless pillow charger, JBL speakers, Nokia wireless charging plate etc. Samsung seemed to have leant a lesson from Nokia and this time around, the company has released a number of accessories to take home with your device.


s band cropped

With this innovative band, you can make sure that you remain healthy. This band helps you to check your steps, calories burnt and the distance travelled. It also helps you to check your sleep efficiency. The Band works with the S-health 2.0 app and is water proof upto 10m.

2. S cover

s view cover

This is a smart addition to your S4 accessory. This cover enables the user to have a peek at the notifications without having to open up the flip cover. It can sense when the flip cover is open or closed and when it is closed it gives the user a minimalistic view of all the updates from the small rectangular window of the cover.

3. Game Pad

game pad cropped

The game pad is for those users who like to play games on their smart phones. The S4 gamepad supports screen sizes up to 6.3 inches. It pairs up to your S4 via one touch Bluetooth and will give you a full remote control function for your home gaming. The controls functions include one analog stick, shoulder keys and 4 action buttons.

4. Wireless charging pad/cover

wireless charging

We knew, Samsung was going to include wireless charging in the device. However, it is disappointing to know that you will have to purchase both the pad (which is quite normal as in Nokia, Nexus you have to buy the charging pad externally) as well as the wireless charging compatible back cover for your S4. However, atleast you have an option for wireless charging and people who are really thrilled about this feature can grab this wireless charging kit with your device.

5. Extra battery Kit

battery kit

This is nothing new and the company has included this extra battery kit as the official accessory for your S4

6. Heart Rate Monitor

hrm cropped

Samsung has made sure that you remain fit with your device. Heart rate monitoring band is also an exclusive S4 accessory. The band keeps a check on your exercise intensity by checking your heart rate. It works with the S health app and so you get all of your important information in one app itself.

7. Body Scale

body scale

Another addition to your health accessory. Body scale measures your weight and sends it directly to your S health app. It can support upto 7 users.

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