Tablets outdo Smartphones in Terms of Web Traffic

tablet vs phoneAccording to a survey conducted by Adobe, tablets have registered a higher number of web visits as compared to their Smartphones counterparts. The findings are fascinating because in real sense, the number of Smartphones available in the market is overwhelmingly larger than the sum total of all Tablets. A number of reasons, which will be discussed below have been given for this sudden shift. Could the post Smartphone era be approaching? Lets cross our fingers and hope not.

The era of Smartphones is just picking and it would be unfair if we were to say bye bye to it. Consumers are yet to fully enjoy their Smartphones while others have not yet gotten a chance to own one. Why then is there a shift in terms of web trafficking knowing very well that the first iPad only hit the stores in the early 2010? Adobe has attributed this increased web use to the fact that the Tablets are fitted with larger screens than their compatriots Smartphones hence making then favorites. Tablets have registered a 70% increase in the number of web pages accessed per visit. The experience in accessing these pages using a Tablet is more appealing and pleasurable hence making consumers to prefer using their Tablets as opposed to Smartphones.

Statistically speaking the figures for the web trafficking registered by Tablets stands at 8% while that for Smartphone is trailing behind at 7%. Regardless of the minor 1% difference, the findings should be treated with the much deserving seriousness. In the UK alone the numbers are alarming and have managed to supersede the figures of all the other nations. The BBC reported recently that they have registered a record breaking figure in terms of their web related TV services. Let us give it sometimes and see if the trend continues.

Via Fastcompany