Streetline: A Smartphone App Will Now Find a Parking Place for You

As our life is becoming busy by the every minute, finding a suitable or unoccupied parking place can also be annoying and waste of time. But even to this, your smartphone can come to your rescue due to the recently flourishing apps helping you to find a parking spot. A number of such applications are becoming fast popular among the drivers in US.

street2Particularly advanced is Streetline, an endeavor aimed to better traffic system. Parker is one of their app that can be incorporated into your smartphone for finding a car parking slot. Combining the pay-by-phone functionality and “bird’s eye view of the city”; the application gives real time feeds of available parking spots. This is mainly detected through the wireless sensors embedded in the parking lots that give out signals whenever a spot is vacant. There are some other apps too for city specific services and also partnered with Streetline. Similarly powered by Streetline, Indianapolis’ has its own ParkIndy program covering all its 3,600 metered spots for easy locating. For LA too there is a different federally funded car parking solution program, developed by Xerox and tracked by Streetline that goes by the name L.A Express Park.

While Streetline’s Parker can be used from LA to Pittsburgh, StreetSmart’s SFpark program is for San Francisco. The SFpark app covers 7,000 of San Francisco’s 28,000 metered spots and 14 Municipal Transportation owned parking garages out of 20. Besides, the drivers of Pittsburgh can also follow another automated car parking solution provider app; the ParkPGH program; developed by the Carnegie Mellon University.

It seems like with all these super apps available in your smartphones, you just need to connect your mobile to the app server and find your parking spot with the shortest time possible.


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