Stirring Idea of Smartphone Devices with ‘Souls’

When there are so many things happening around in the smartphone industry it is tough to even guess what holds in the future for this industry. With devices available in various newer and updated forms, the smartphone manufacturing giants are continuously running on each other’s heels to come up with something even better and smarter. Among all these apprehension, speaking at Expand conference of Engadgets; Mr. Dennis Miloseski (Samsung Design America head) states that the prospects of upcoming phones are not in their appearance but in their ‘souls’.
soul2Yes, you read it right! According to Miloseski, they at Samsung are now not only thinking about how to make ultra thinner and lighter smartphones but are also thinking of how to create soul for the devices. The entire notion of the statement came out as the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S4 faced praises for its internal applications but was criticized due to its plastic casing compared to the aluminum covering of competitors i.e. Apple and HTC. Hence focusing on Samsung’s new term as “life companion” for the GS4, it was revealed that they are trying to come up with more features like the eye-tracking technology where the device will organize itself by adjusting to its user’s preference and using style. Miloseski also raised the issue of creating devices that will bridge a “meaningful relationship with technology”. So with the advent of fast paced technological changes, Miloseski pointed further that in near future we may even need to get our phones less from our pockets. In that case forms of a smartphone won’t matter much but what will matter is what is inside.

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