Startling Gift for Nokia Lumia 822 Users

Who doesn’t love to have gifts and if it is a surprise gift, the charm is divine. This is exactly what Nokia had planned for its Nokia Lumia 822 users. Call it after sale service or intelligent customer care, the renowned cell phone manufacturer has started to upgrade the existing software of every Nokia Lumia 822 with a new over-the-air software. The upgrading has started on March 01, 2013 for the Verizon customers. It is being expected to be a better performer with enhanced and new features. The LTE enabled Windows 8 phone from Nokia already comes with great features like NFC features, kid’s corner, and cloud content syncing capability with other Windows 8 iOS devices.

lumia2But when with the ever competitive no features remain forever new, it is refreshing to see Nokia’s step to upgrade its Nokia Lumia 822 software. Because the already Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped phone is going to be even better and faster due to the current change. The phone will also support more brands of micro SD cards to back up its whopping 64GB external storage capacity. The smartphone with its 4.3 inch super cool with ClearBlack filter for reduced glare is an amazing device for text messaging. Now messaging will be easier thanks to the new over-the-air software where multimedia messages can be edited while forwarding, calls can be avoided with message reply and the same message can be sent to several receivers at a time. The updated OS will also allow you to choose your favorite MP3 file as your Nokia Lumia 822’s ringtone.

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