Star Wars 1313 Will Not Be Coming This Year

Star Wars 1313 logo

It looks like Star Wars 1313 will not see the light of day this 2013 as three different insiders confirmed to Kotaku that the development of the action shooter has stopped since Disney acquired the Star Wars brand in October last year. The report came from Gamespot just recently.

According to the source, the game may not be present at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year because it has been frozen since last year. It may, however, be launched in the 2014 expo.

But this report was contrary to the comments made by a representative of LucasArts last year when Disney formally acquired the rights to the Star Wars brand. The representative said that all the current developments on all projects will be continued despite the acquisition. Star Wars 1313 was one of those said projects.

When asked about this recent rumor, a representative again confirmed that the game will continue production. However, the representative wasn’t able to elaborate on the said production, only saying that LucasArts had been working hard to “take advantage” of the opportunities provided by the new Star Wars movies.

Star Wars 1313 and its Production Development

According to Kotaku’s same source, the Star Wars game was first conceived in 2009 as a supposed tie-in to a Star Wars television show that will be set between the original movies and the prequels. The same sources said that the game was then called Underworld, and that it would feature adult themes.

If you can remember BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic, the Star Wars game was supposed to be like that in concept as well. The original developers of the game wanted it to be an open-world, role-playing game.

However, the game was not fully developed in 2010 because of budgetary cuts. It was then rewritten with a different plot from the television show. Also, the source said that this was the same time that LucasArts was planning to produce Star Wars spin-offs in new genres. Because of the success of the popular social networking game Farmville and Call of Duty, LucasArts previously planned to create a game that will somehow have the same themes as the mentioned games.

Also, the report noted that Star Wars creator George Lucas loved the idea of the game, and has actually pitched in a couple of ideas. So it’s a wonder for many gamers why this game was shelved since it has the support of the original Star Wars creator and even his company.

Will it be suffice to say that Disney has a hand in it? After all, it was only after the acquisition that the production on the game seemed to stop. With so many fans of the franchise, this game from LucasArts will surely be a hit. And although there is no clear-cut schedule yet as to when it will be finalized and released, Star Wars 1313 is gaining more and more followers. This only means one thing for its developers: the profit from the game’s sales may be worth the long production period after all.

Source: Gamespot