Sprint announces JellyBean update for the Galaxy S2 from Samsung

Sprint has announced an exciting new update for Samsung Galaxy S2 phones. The S2 that was released way back in 2011 will receive an update to upgrade its operating system to Android’s latest – 4.1, JellyBean. In addition to this update, the S2 will get features like Google Now, lock screen widgets and butter smooth animations during app launch, app closure and app switching.

s21According to the announcement, the Galaxy S2 is going to receive a whole bunch of new updates that users of the S3 currently enjoy. Better notifications, faster and more detailed Google Search and an improved keyboard are some of the other features the update will roll out, in addition to pepping up the OS. Borrowed from the S3 are Smart Stay Eye technology that will keep the screen awake when the user is looking at the phone and Pop Up Play for watching videos when in a middle of another application. The feature allows the small window that plays video appear atop another application so users can continue to watch while working on another task. This is especially useful when the windows runs the latest news, so users can catch up while working.

The decision to update the S2 is a good one, with a large base of users currently on ICS on the S2. Inclusion of some of the S3 features will be received with enthusiasm and cheering from the Samsung user community. The update is available for download and Samsung has a dedicated page for explaining the updating process to users.

SOURCE: https://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57577057-94/sprints-samsung-galaxy-s2-scores-jelly-bean-update/