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Sony Xperia Z is water proof for models to talk in shower

Sony Xperia Z model waterproof ad

If you wanted a smart phone that you would use in your bath while having a relaxing shower, worry no more, because this ad campaign is for you. Sony released the new Sony Xperia Z a while ago and the smart phone has reached a stage where it does not require any introduction. This smart phone is just one of the best Android smart phones of the year. And rightly so.

And if you did not know, the smart phone is waterproof as well, hence this ad campaign. So in this ad campaign by T Mobile, bikini models are put inside a small glass cubicle with a shower in it. And they are asked to stand under the running water talking on the Sony Xperia Z while people outside the store can watch the model doing exactly that. That is a really good ad campaign, T Mobile. And this was in the Czech Republic, where the wireless carrier recently released the awesome smart phone.

So instead of advertising with the technical details of the smart phone, which would impress geeks and technical power users of the smart phone, the company and the wireless carrier have taken to attract the general public as well. This ad could work out.

But it is never suggested that you go into a shower with your new Sony Xperia Z and test this water proofing feature. Android Authority writes, ” That’s definitely one way of selling a hot Android phone, and we can’t but wonder whether it worked or not. After all, sex does sell everything, doesn’t it?” And that totally makes sense.

So, are you interested in buying a Sony Xperia Z now that you are sure you can use it under running water? Well, that might not even be something you would think of with a smart phone.

Source: Android Authority

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