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Sony Xperia Z Commercial Touts Proud Tradition


Sony Walkman Commercial Segment

Sony has always been seen as a company of quality and style, but the company’s newest products have been a long time coming. The water and dust-resistant Xperia Z smartphone and tablet will make Sony more popular this year than, I think, some of the more popular companies. In the company’s demonstration videos of its newest smartphone, the Xperia Z has shown itself as a contender for top smartphones of the year.

The best way to market a product is to provide a commercial with which users can see themselves, a commercial that takes users to a happy moment in their past in which they had a good experience. The goal of providing a commercial is to identify with consumers and show them how a certain product can enhance the user experience. Sony has done this well in its latest commercial.

A few items are showcased in the latest Sony commercial: a television, Walkman, camcorder, as well as the new Xperia Z smartphone. The commercial shows how excited a boy was to view television on the Sony TV for the first time; next, ladies are on the beach and they are skating around the beach with Sony Walkmans at their sides. The Walkmans themselves are old, as evidenced by their design — yet, they give the ladies an aura of coolness. In the next portion of the commercial, a camcorder videotapes what turns into the hammering down of the Berlin Wall. A man is there to videotape the moments when the hammer goes into chunks of the wall. The Xperia Z phone, however, has memorable moments of its own. A man is using the Xperia Z phone to take pictures of individuals who are throwing color around at each other. Another scene of the commercial shows a woman pouring water on the Sony Xperia Z, with the water simply rolling off the phone without causing any damage.

The commercial does everything right: it shows precious moments where Sony technology was present. There are many viewers who may remember the Sony television and the Walkman, especially. I grew up in the days when the Sony Walkman was one of the finest music devices ever produced. Sony is known for its cameras, and the Sony camcorder is another great product that points to the strength of the Sony enterprise. Not only is the product quality, but it is also part of the Berlin Wall scene of the commercial– a scene that brings back memories for many who witnessed the news reports surrounding the Berlin Wall account.

Sony’s commercial builds upon a proud tradition and wants you to experience more of the same adventure with the Sony Xperia Z. Will you help Sony carry on this proud tradition?

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