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Sony rolls out update for SmartWatch

Sony has just released a software update for the SmartWatch, adding new features and enhancements.


The update, which is known as version 1.3.28 of the app, adds six new designs of watch faces to suit each user’s taste and needs. Each of these designs comes with special functionalities.
Through the update, the Sony Smartwatch may now get previews of notifications about new messages, or social media updates. The watch, however, does not allow users to compose replies to these notifications.
Information on the device’s battery level been improved, as well.
Sony has made the interface on the SmartWatch and Smart Connect more aligned to ease users into switching from one to the other. For those who own an Android smartphone that is not made by Sony, the company provides a QR code to connect the devices more easily.
Searching and sorting through apps that are supported by the Smartwatch have also been made easier. Already, the Sony Smartwatch supports 200 SmartWatch apps from various developers. These apps are a mix of productivity and entertainment apps. Among these are Dialer for SmartWatch, QuickCalc for SmartWatch, TicTacToe for SmartWatch, SmartWatch WebCam Viewer, Battery Viewer for SmartWatch, Blackjack for SmartWatch, Google Maps for Smartwatch, and Augmented SmartWatch Pro.
The SmartWatch update is already available for download on Google Play.
The SmartWatch app is the official companion app to the wearable device. With it, users of the SmartWatch are able to tweak settings and search for compatible apps, among others. The app is free to download.
Sony is among the first few companies to release smartwatches, giving it a head start in this growing niche in electronics. Apple and Samsung, however, have both announced that they are working on smartwatches of their own, and will likely serve as fierce competitors against Sony’s smartwatch. As the competition heats up, Sony will likely release more updates to help it keep up with the devices that Samsung and Apple are preparing. Meanwhile, Samsung and Apple, are generally expected to release smartwatches that come with plenty of features in an effort to outdo each other in terms of innovation.

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