Sony Plans To Take 3rd Spot In Global Smartphone Rankings

Sony has big plans for its Sony Mobile Communication business arm this year as it aims to take in the 3rd spot in global smartphone rankings. The company which is ranked at fourth place worldwide since last quarter by the IDC aims to go one rank higher trying to dislodge Huawei from third spot. The current top two leaders are Apple and Samsung in that particular order.

According to Sony Mobile CEO Kunimasa Suzuki to a group of reporters in Tokyo the company will soon tailor their models to each market. This means that the company might be creating cheaper models for emerging markets. This is an unexpected turnaround from the company’s announcement last January that they will only be creating premium handsets.

The company is targeting 34 million smartphone shipments by the end of this fiscal year. Analysts however say that in order for Sony to reach their target of claiming third place they need to sell at least 50 million smartphones. While this number is achievable they will have a tough battle ahead of them.

The company is banking on their latest flagship model right now which is the Xperia Z. While this model has generally good reviews it’s still up to the consumer whether they are going to buy this device or not. With competition coming from other Android manufacturers, it’s really going to be a challenge to gain an advantage.

Sony also has to consider the fact that Huawei and ZTE will not be resting on their laurels this year. Both companies will be releasing several models this year targeting different market sectors. We are seeing high quality yet cheaper models coming out from both companies. Then there’s also the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to hit the market this year which will surely make people think twice about buying Xperia products.

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