Some Pebble watches are bricking after restart

Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble smart watch, which was released to the market just a couple of months ago, has hit a major flaw. Some of the Pebbles in the field are bricking, after the smart watch is shut down. This is a major flaw which can really frustrate the users. The thread on the Pebble support forum has already reached five pages and is growing. After getting these reports, the company has been accepting these faulty units and has been replacing them with new ones.

We’ve had reports of this issue, and we understand of course that it’s annoying for users. We’re replacing any Pebbles for users who report this issue. We’re reviewing the Pebbles that get returned, working to get to the bottom of the issue. We have our support team ready to follow up to any user that reports this issue.

The smart watch recently got an update for its firmware to version 1.9, and some people are suspecting that this could be the cause for the smart watch to go to sleep and never come up. And some users have also reported that no matter how much you charge, or connect it to your computer and try to bring it to life, it will not respond.

The situation is not as bad as one would expect. This is because the company says there are 30,000+ Pebble units in the wild and out of that, only 30 odd devices have come back faulty. That is a very small percentage of faulty units. But it is better for the company to fix the issue before it gets out of hands. The official word from Migicovsky is as follows:

We’re tracking a few reports of this issue. Up to Friday, we’ve had 20-30 reports (out of 30,000+ pebbles in the field). We’ve gotten several back to the office, and we’re getting to the bottom of it.

Source: Engadget