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You all must have heard the news by now, Google Reader is shutting down its services starting July 1. And although we have seen a few petitions rise up in this regard, we are pretty sure that the decision won’t be reversed. Google reader has not been a popular venture for Google and the cost of maintaining its Google Reader API was not worth the benefits. Plenty of apps that we see in the market today are based on Google’s API and slowly and steadily they are sure to shift to some another third party API.

old reader


With all said and done, we will have to find an alternative to Google Reader and it won’t be easy choosing one, given that you have plenty of third party apps giving you the exact same services as that of the reader. So, here’s a list of some of the best alternatives to Google Reader.

1.The old reader:

If you were a fan of Google reader, then old reader is the most suited RSS reader for you. And the good thing is, it looks just like your Google Reader. It has a very minimalistic design and a decent RSS reader and is good enough to browse through your regular RSS feeds. However, the lack of a mobile app for the service may be a letdown for a large number of users who rely on their smart phones.

2.News Blur:

This is yet another great alternative to your Google reader. Infact, if you were not satisfied with the design of the traditional reader, News Blurs design may appease you. It offers you both paid (unlimited for $1/month) as well as free version (limited to 64 feeds). You even get an iOS and android app if you like to read your feeds on your smart phone.


For all those of you who like stick to your cell phones for your RSS feeds, Flipboard is the best option for you. The app is limited to your smart phone and is available for iOS, android, Kindle as well as Nook. The lack of a desktop reader may disappoint many of you but most users prefer the magazine like feeds provided by the app.


If you like a magazine layout and want a similar styled feed for your desktop, then try out pulse. It is quite similar to flipboard and is available for iOS, android and even for your desktop.


This app does all the organizational work for you. It arranges and sorts out your feeds on the basis of a temperature score. The score is based on the popularity of the link and the most frequently talked links are displayed on the top. However, it only has a paid version and you will have to shell out $30 for using their service.


Feedly was one of the first third party RSS readers on the web to announce its migration to a self built API. It is quite popular especially among android users and gives you plenty of options to sort out your feeds. It supports most of your devices including iOS, android, kindle and even has a service extensions for chrome and Mozilla browsers.

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