Some Dumb Smartphone Security Choices You Shouldn’t Make

smartphone securityAVG is not a strange name to anyone who owns, or have in the past, used a PC.  These are the guys that have all your documents, images, videos, and so much more in your smartphone under lock and key. Well, the firm had a survey done in US, UK, France, Germany, and Brazil. The whole point of this survey was to prove how much a security risk your smartphone could actually be. Why they look to do some of these things is entirely beyond me.

What this survey found was that 50% of an approximate 5,000 smartphone users do not realize that everything they store in their device is under threat. That’s pretty amazing yet we have always heard of cases on E Entertainment about celebrities losing their nude photos on their devices and having them end up in cyberspace. I’m not talking about Scarlet Johannsen either. Apparently, these security risks vary from everything from private photos to personal documents. Who knew that people actually care about anything other than photos? Maybe all the movies weren’t just crapping on our faces.

Why do we have to take steps to ensure that our smartphones are secure? That’s because ten years ago all that a phone could do was make and receive calls but today we have phones that actually have apps where you can kill your boss, store all the angry mail that you wanted to send to your ex, and so much more. Yeah, if these things were to get in the wrong hands you could have a problem. You might as well kill yourself (let it be known that I do not advocate for suicides).

What AVG did was to give you a list of things that you should do to ensure you do not face these problems. The list has things that are basically common sense but we don’t have much of that anymore.

  • Don’t install apps outside your designated app world
  • Keep you OS up to date
  • Don’t download things that are free (who does that anyway? I thought it was illegal)
  • Install an anti-virus- more specifically, install AVG (now we see why the survey was really done)

All these things are well and good but don’t the people who set up shop know that these things should already be in effect by the time you buy your device? Anyway, the guys at AVG know what they are doing.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to run with what information you are being equipped with or choose to be hard about the entire issue in which case I prepare myself for that nude picture to end up doing rounds of Facebook. The choice is yours.

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