Solar Cells to Backup Power of Mobile Phones

solar cellsWould it just be amazing walking around with a smartphone or a tablet device that recharges itself? Don’t we just love playing around with our devices without having to worry about how long the charge will hold?

Most of us would appreciate that. Smartphones users have all along been faced with one major problem; complains about the battery life of their ever power thirsty devices. They should not be blamed for that because some of these devices have outstanding features which need to be utilized; the only problem is that their battery life is disappointing enough to support any of their functionalities.

Why then hasn’t the solar cell as opposed to the rechargeable battery technology been used before? Arguments are out claiming that such solar cells which can be conveniently made to fit in the Smartphone are not capable of holding enough charge to make the hassle worthwhile. Contrary to this, Silicon Valley Solar Power Company has come up with a concept which disputes the above argument. They believe that they have found the right way of adapting the most efficient solar cell chemistry. They argue that by adapting the gallium arsenide technology they will be able to extend the battery life of some Smartphones. The company argues that if the gallium arsenide can be attached to the portable device and then a panel fitting the size of your gadget fixed, you stand a chance of having an increased battery life.

It is a win win situation considering the fact that you won’t entirely do away with the cellphone battery. Depending solely on the strength of the light, you can elongate the life of your battery by 80%. The good thing about this technology is that it will allow you to use any form of light; sunlight, fluorescent light, incandescent lamps you name it! Sunlight is the best hence an outdoor experience promises higher returns than when in an indoor situation.

Via NYTimes

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