Social networking app enhanced with stickers and private messages

Apple’s iOS social networking app has received an update with two new features – stickers and what is known as private messaging. The update for Path v3.0 has delivered for both android and iOS mobile operating systems.

path2Stickers are fun, funky and one up on emoticons allowing a user to express a situation better with artsy images and cartoons. This works for both public and private messaging. Stickers like “Nom Nom”,”The Worst”,”The Best” and other expressive themes are part of Path’s offer. A store that has been newly created holds a collection of interesting stickers users can choose from. There are also filters for photographs that come at an additional cost to users.

Private messaging allows users to talk to each other by text messages, private photos, stickers, videos, location feature and other communication means. Private messaging can be sent to other users ranging in number from 1 to up to 15 people- interesting new features to the already feature rich social networking app for iPhones, iPods and cluster of devices that run Android.  The app comes in 19 languages for both Android and Apple devices.

Private messaging is a feature most users have been awaiting in the social networking app. Whether the sticker feature will stick remains to be seen. A fun alternate to emoticons stickers should give users quite a few laughs if the concept catches on; a new trend in social networking to post stickers to aptly describe a situation. Android and iOS devices should soon receive updates from Path 3.0.