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So you lost your android smartphone, what next?


Everyday thousands of people lose their smart phones either at work or while travelling. But how many of you get it back? I guess, only a few lucky ones.

lost cell phone

So, here are the few important steps that you should take after you have lost your smart phone!

1. Don’t Panic. Try to find it nearby.

The first step sounds silly right? But it’s not! There is a high chance that your phone may have fallen off some place nearby and just by looking or calling your phone, you may get it back. Many users have found their lost cell phone in their car or at their workplace, so the trick is to “not panic” and guess where you may have lost it.

2. Use Plan B

Nowadays, many of the smart phones that come in the market have inbuilt find my lost phone feature. For example, you have Find My iPhone feature on all Apple devices including Mac, iPad and iPod touch. Apple’s feature enables a user to find and track his or her smart phone using the nearby WiFi signals and the GPS on the phone. However, for this to work, the phone should be switched on and connected to the internet.

Windows phone also features a similar find my phone option.

But when it comes to Android OS, which is the largest smart phone platform in the market today, you don’t have a dedicated ‘find my phone’ feature. So, your only option is to install a mobile security app.

However, we are talking about steps to do after you have lost your smart phone. Hence, the best option for you is to install ‘Plan B’. The application is named aptly as Plan B allows you to install the application remotely to your phone, even after you have lost it.

The steps to install Plan B on your lost phone are given below:

  1. Sign in to your gmail account and go to the play store. Now, install the application from the app store (OTA install).
  2. After clicking install button, you will get a popup box for selecting a device (if you have more than one) and it will start installing on your lost phone.
  3. Once the app is installed, you will get regular emails about the location of the device on your email address.

Many users have reported that the app didn’t start even after remote installation. For this you have another option, just take your friend’s phone and text ‘locate’ and the app will automatically start itself.

You will get an email when the app starts. After this, every 10 minutes you will be emailed the location of the device along with an accuracy rating.

Although there is no guarantee that you will find your phone with this app, many users have found it useful and it is worth a try.

However, remember, it is always better to be well equipped for such circumstances by installing beforehand mobile security apps like ‘locate my droid’ or ‘find my phone’ on your device.


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