Smart Drive 2.0 App Revealed In 2013 Geneva Motor Show

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The Smart Drive 2.0 application, which showcases a mix of unique functions like an inexpensive offline navigation solution, was recently revealed during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Smart was the first car brand to create its own application back in 2010. This new application takes on the functions of the old app, and developed it further to create an intuitive and innovative application that will allow you to navigate cities, search for parking spaces, listen to more than 7000 radio stations and choose from a number of unique add-ons.

This new application from Smart is an all-in-one navigation and infotainment device. For just €14.49 ($18.85) per year (including VAT in Germany), you can get a whole host of features never before seen in a car application. The Smart Drive 2.0 is also compatible with the iPhone. All you have to do is connect the device to the vehicle using the iPhone cradle that will be available when you buy the Smart Drive Kit for iPhone. What’s more, the cradle can even charge the iPhone while you’re using the application.

Complete Navigation and Music Guide

The Smart app is not only good for pointing out the right directions, it also has access to worldwide maps and a number of functions for city driving. But I guess the most useful feature of this new app is its ability to tell you the parking spaces available near you. In fact, if the parking operators made the information available, you can also see how many slots are still available in real-time. You can also see the current parking rates.

If you don’t need its navigation feature, you can instead make use of its nifty music function. Aside from listening to the music files stored on your iPhone, there is also the Smart’s Web Radio that will make it possible to access over 7000 radio stations around the world. So, even if you are in Europe, you can still listen to Ryan Seacrest’s countdown show. Then, there is also the Song ID that will identify the song if the user isn’t familiar with it.

Information and Add-ons

Another feature of the Smart Drive application is the Smart Event Finder. This function allows you to search for events in the city (as long as the organizers made them available in the web). It provides an overview of what the event is all about, where it is located and when it will start.

And if those features mentioned above don’t convince you yet about the functionality of this app, then you can check the add-ons it offers. There are various offers that you can choose from. There’s the APCOA car parks that will allow you to park and leave a certain place without paying the necessary fees. There are also parking fee discounts being offered as an add-on. This certainly beats all the other driving apps out there.

Also included in the Smart Drive app is the complete list of Europcar rental locations where smart drivers can rent vehicles for a special discounted price.

Arrival in the U.S.

Although the original version is already available in the U.S., there is no word yet when will the version 2.0 be offered there. But , it probably won’t be long until the Smart cars in the region come equipped with it.

Source: Daimler

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