Skype update for Windows 8 phones offers HD video calling capabilities

Existing apps in the app store across platforms are making a huge splash with brilliant new enhancements. One such revamped app is Skype for Windows 8. One of the most popular video chat apps, this app has been updated to allow users to chat in HD video quality. Version 2.4 for Windows 8 offers users high definition video calling and chatting facility by leveraging Microsoft’s hardware acceleration capabilities.

skype2Skype app for all platforms decides the quality of video to be transmitted depending on the speed of the internet connection on both ends. With the new update, users can switch between landscape and portrait modes as well as use either the rear or front cameras for video calling depending on the quality of the net connection. Phones in the mid and lower ranges that do not sport high quality cameras will transmit VGA quality videos but the high end models like Nokia’s brilliant Lumia 950, Samsung Ativ S and HTC’s latest models can deliver 720p HD quality videos.

Other updates to the app include quick switching between different Skype accounts to make calls and contacts being displayed on the People Hub space on Windows phones so users can Skype chat directly without launching the app. Skype has also improved performance of the app and incorporated fixes for notification bugs previously reported.  The company aims at improving every aspect of the app from video quality to messaging services and the overall quality of the call to fit the net connection speed.

Neat new features by Skype, the world’s most popular video chatting app. HD quality chatting will offer an exciting new video experience.


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