Simplewash your Facebook profile sparkling clean

Now there is an easy, simple way to remove all those unwanted tags and photos from your Facebook profile by means of SimpleWash.simple2

As more employers tap into social media streams, especially Facebook, it might be wise to trim around the edges of your Facebook profile, especially if you are awaiting news on a promotion, or just applied for that new dream job.  The truth is that it is not just employers, but family members and friends that use this popular platform as a source of juicy gossip and as a way to find out what you are really up too when not around.  It also works really well remove unwanted people from your profile.

Simplewash (formerly known as Facewash) offers a convenient solution to those social media bloopers that could possibly harm your reputation as the little angel of the family.  To get started you simply go onto Simplewash ( ), sign in with your Facebook account and in a matter of seconds you get transported to the most amazing and easy to use cleaning tool for your Facebook profile.  All you have to do is type the undesired word or term (like wild parties, drinking, etc.) into the search field and the app searches through your wall, photos and status updates.  You then have the pleasure of deleting each and every item, without having to go through your entire feed or photos to find this information.

Simplewash is available for Facebook and Twitter, with the Twitter version currently in Beta.


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