Shutterfly releases update 5.1 for iPhones and iPads

Every app on the iOS store keeps getting better and better. Shutterfly has received update 5.1 very soon after the huge update in December 2012, version 5.0. The app lets you create gifts and prints with photographs taken from your phone. With Apple’s iPhone specs these photographs are amazing and look incredible on print and gifts. The photos can be from anywhere, Facebook, Instagram and Shutterfly native photos. 5.0 upgraded Shutterfly with great new features and 5.1 is cream on the cake with its goodie bag of features!

shut2Photographs can be printed on gift items such as mugs, frames, T-shirts, magnets, laptop and phone cases and magnets to name a few items and prints range from 4”X4” to 11”X14: in size. Update 5.1 brings to Shutterfly faster uploading speeds and better performance of the app. Another new feature of the app is addition of eleven new filters! Penguin, Xfly, Dawn, Tempeh, Marilyn, Vibrant, Normal, Crimson, Chocolate, Tranquil and Electrify. With these new features you can gift personalized greeting cards of family events and vacations, mugs with special snaps and a host of imaginative, inventive gifts that you can come up with.

Surprising that Shutterfly should release an update so soon after the last one. 5.1, with its new filters are already popular among folks making their own gifts and cards. Released for iOS 4.3 and above, the app is free on the iTunes store and runs on almost all iPhones, iPads and iPods and encourages users to get creative with their gifts!


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