Shoot Many Robots Android Game Review

A popular game originally published for the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows has just been released for the Android platform. Shoot Many Robots which is developed by Demiurge Studios is a game that lets you do one thing, and that is shoot many robots.

shoot many robots

Shoot Many Robots can now be downloaded over at Google Play for free. While the hardware and system requirements of the game vary, it is best if you can install this game on a device with a large screen and a powerful processor.

This title is a side-scrolling shooter that lets you control P. Walter Tugnuts who loves beer and explosions and is the only person standing in the way of total world domination by robots. As you start the game you’ll crash out of the front window of a bus and hit the road running.

The controls are fairly simple. Tap on the right side to shoot your weapon, tap on the left side to jump and swipe to change lanes. You won’t be able to control the forward movement of your character since he runs automatically.

Your task is to either shoot at the robots or avoid them. If you get hit by a robot you instantly get killed. As you move along you will be able to collect coins along the way. These cons are needed to buy new items and weapons that you can use to destroy the robots quickly.

Some of the game features include

  • Endless running and gunning action
  • Silly Hats give you special abilities
  • Challenges & daily rewards
  • Rank up and expand your arsenal
  • Simple controls: tap to shoot, swipe to change lanes
  • Revolutionary exploding red barrels
  • Beautiful 3D environments
  • HD graphics for high resolution displays

If you are familiar with the gameplay of Temple Run then it’s similar to this game.

The graphics are simply amazing while the soundtrack has a certain country feel to it which complements the game beautifully.

One advice for those who would like to try out this game is that it’s best if you can install this in your tablet. You will appreciate the bigger display, which aside from making you admire the beautiful graphics, also lets you easily see the robots.