Self healing phones and PCs, a myth or shocking reality?

Evolution is truly a remarkable thing! From the concept of the first cell phone to smart phones boasting of brilliant human-gadget interfacing, fantastic displays and cameras, powerful hardware packed in a device that fits in your palm technology has moved pace at an inconceivable velocity! If rumors are to be believed, another huge advancement in the tech sphere could be self healing phones and PCs.

selfheal2Engineers at the California Institute of Technology have claimed to have developed self healing circuitry and integrated chips. If these work as designed, phones, tablets, PCs, laptops can repair themselves in a variety of situations like transistor failure and other crises. Demos to prove the existence of such chips revealed this astounding technology does exist with a tiny amplifier that was deliberately destroyed demonstrating its ability to heal itself in the matter of a few seconds!

The idea behind this capability is that a up until now, a single fault has caused the destruction of an IC and rendered it useless and incapable of contributing to the circuit board. With this new technology, chip will heal itself or cause the entire system to respond to the failure so that overall performance is not impacted. The system will quickly readjust itself to work around the difficult situation.

This is evolution at the core level – Integrated Circuitry that is the building block of all technology. If there can be self healing, phones and other devices will be virtually indestructible with the chips being able to repair themselves in most situations; like burn outs, overheating, less than optimal battery performance and other tricky situations. An incredible feat if designers can bring this technology to the global market!


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