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Select Galaxy S IV features will be coming to Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S IV vs Galaxy S III 1

So we are all aware of the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV yesterday, there is nothing about that. There is a lot of news on the internet already covering all the features of the Smartphone. The new flagship smart phone from the South Korean smart phone giant definitely has a great deal to offer. And according to the obvious guesses, a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S III users will be waiting to see these features on their older smart phones. Well, here is a good news. Samsung did mention that it is going to bring as many features found on the new Galaxy S IV to the older Galaxy S III. But the company did not underline the specific features that will be ported. But we can for sure make some educated guesses.

The features which only require a software modification on the Galaxy S III can be expected to come to the smart phone sometime in the future. But some of the features of the Galaxy S IV which are specific to the Galaxy S IV because of the sensors present on the smart phone, will remain exclusive to the Galaxy S IV. For example, we will not be able to control our television sets with our Galaxy S III the smart phone does not have an infrared blaster on it. And also, we cannot expect the features requiring a thermometer or a barometer to come to the Galaxy S III.

But other features, such as the auto scrolling of texts and the auto pausing of videos can be expected to be ported to the Galaxy S III. This is because these features only need a front facing camera and a software to run on the smart phone. The Galaxy S III already has a front facing camera, so if the company just pushes the software, its done.

Anyway, until the company explicitly lists out the features that will be ported to the Galaxy S III, we can just make guesses about it.

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