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Second Generation Samsung Galaxy Camera may be Unveiled in September During IFA

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the very few companies that recorded a lot of success in the smartphone, electronic and communication gadgets industry in the year 2012-13.  One of the most high profiles devices that Samsung announced in the last year is the one-of-a-kind camera that runs on Android operating system and has the capability to upload images and videos directly to a cloud storage or share via social networks through a cellular network.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung galaxy Camera has all the features everyone wants in a camera, but it is not the most popular gadget in the market largely based on its price which is still too high almost a year after its launch.  Despite this, there is already talk of Samsung unveiling a second generation Samsung Galaxy Camera later this year, most likely in September during the 2013 IFA.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera in itself is not very impressive, although the idea of a camera with a GSM data transfer capability is revolutionary.  Moreover, a camera you can install applications such as image editors and social networks should have sold more than any other camera in the market but truth be told, despite all these features, the Galaxy Camera image quality is just a little bit better than most smartphones in the market today, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S3.

The smart camera niche may not have picked up but Samsung hopes that by introducing a camera with better quality images and videos and new features that smartphones do and may never have such as 3D video and image capture, they could turn around the fortunes of their product.  Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 may be already in the works but it will still be a while before we get to know just what power it will be packing and what new features it will introduce that will make it a better product than the current Samsung Galaxy.

Some of the foreseen features that the camera may sport include 4G LTE speeds, 3D video capture and playback, rugged build and water and dust resistance and improved battery life.

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