Screenshots of Ubuntu Touch core apps released

Calendar app on Ubuntu Touch

Many of us have already tried and tested the new Ubuntu Touch operating system on our smart phones and tablet. The company behind this, Canonical, did release a developer preview image of the operating system in February for developers to try it and start writing apps for it. But there was one problem with these images. There were not many apps to check out. The operating system did support some of the basic operations of a smart phone or a tablet, such as opening web pages over a Wi Fi connection, and placing calls with the dialer app on the smart phone version of the operating system. But the other pre installed apps were just placeholders for the yet to be written core apps, as the company calls it.

But today, Ubuntu developer Michael Hall, has announced in a blog post that the company is working on the core apps and there a few ready already, as can be seen from the screenshot above. But these apps are just like the very basic and essential apps on any other platform, which include the calculator app, the calendar app, the weather app, and a few others.

“We identified a number of desired applications, recruited interested community contributors, and dedicated design and project management resources from Canonical staff,” Hall wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. “The actual development phase for these apps has only recently started, but some of them have shown a huge amount of progress already.”

The speciality with this distribution of Linux, even though Linux users would know that there are much better versions of these apps for the Linux platform, is that these are entirely based on the new Ubuntu SDK which the company released with the ROM images. And this new platform is based on the Qt toolkit which uses the QML markup language. This is going to be the standard development platform for all of Ubuntu’s versions. So if you want to be an Ubuntu developer, you better start using this.

Source: The Register UK

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