SanDisk Says Some 32GB And 64GB microSD Cards May Be Malfunctioning

Whenever something goes wrong with a smartphone most of the time the blame is immediately placed on the device itself.  May it be a hardware issue or a software issue the device is immediately judged as being at fault.  This may not be the case on some instances though.

Take for instance one Samsung Galaxy S3 user who purchased a 32 GB class 10 SanDisk microSD and complained at the Samsung help desk after the expensive card stopped working. This person after having read in various forums of the same problem being face by Samsung Galaxy S3 users immediately contacted the technical support of the company but was unable to get any help there.

The problem is that the card is no longer being recognized by the device or even by the PC when it is connected to it. Other people say that the card constantly remounts itself which makes the device also constantly scan it thus draining the battery quickly.

SanDisk has been made aware of this problem and they admitted that there is a problem in a small number of their 32 GB and 64 GB microSD cards. The problem has already been resolved in their end however for people who have purchased defective cards either for their Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other device you can contact the company directly for a replacement.

The company recently made a statement on this issue stating that “SanDisk has been made aware of potential product issues involving a very small percentage of its 32GB and 64GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSD cards. Under certain circumstances the cards may lock up and the card becomes inaccessible. The issue has been identified and a manufacturing fix has already been put in place. SanDisk stands behind its products and any customer who experiences this issue with the microSD cards is asked to contact the SanDisk support center for a resolution immediately.”

If you own a SanDisk microSD that’s giving you problems then contact the company’s support center immediately.

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