Samsung’s Gamepad hints at a large display offering in the near future?

Excitement about the Galaxy S4 from Samsung is beginning to ebb and with it comes the unveiling of new accessories and devices heretofore undiscovered because of the blinding glow surrounding the S4. If rumors are true, Samsung is planning to release a new Game Pad that the company claims will work with devices up to 6.3 inches. This implies that the Korean Company is planning to launch a bigger phablet with a display the order of 6.3 inches. Bit too large for comfort? Even for those who love phones with big screens, this is quite an eyeful! Or pocketful, as it goes!

game2There is no evidence yet, but sniffers around the tech world claim the existence of the gaming controller that pairs with phones, tablets and phablets, Bluetooth and docks with the Galaxy Series devices. Nicknamed the Gamepad, Samsung claims that the device can pair with phones like the S3 and S2 using Bluetooth and the super fast Near Field Communication Tectile system. The game pad can also be used as a remote control when coupled with widescreen TV’s, gaming devices and monitors at home. While the controller itself is a funky new product to own, it reveals another interesting bit of information about Samsung. The electronics giant seems to be planning a 6.3 inch offering in the near future since the controller specs indicate it can work with displays between 4 and 6.3 inches. Samsung current largest offering is 5.5 inches. This claim has fuelled rumors that the Note 3 might just get bigger at 6.3 inches or close.

Exciting new developments from the Korean smartphone and phablet maker!


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