Samsung’s 85 inch ultra HD TV will cost you $39,999

Samsung's 85-inch Ultra HD TV

f you love spending tens of thousands of dollars on electronics, then here is a new piece of electronics for you. And for the price you pay, you do get something really awesome. But we cannot be too sure of saying that the money is worth the product. But first, what product are we talking about and what kind of money you will have to arrange? Well, we are talking about a new television from the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, and you will have to arrange a little less than $40,000. Actually, you will have to arrange just one dollar less than $40,000.

According to Engadet, Samsung is going to release its new 4K television later this month. And this is not just any television, it is a massive 85 inch Ultra HD, “floating” television. And what do we mean by floating? Well, have a look at the video below for that.

And if you have no idea about what else you could buy for $40,000 apart from the awesome house on the next street, you could buy a really nice Chevy Camaro. So I guess now you have some kind of comparison. But you also do get a lot with this TV. The display is just awesome, which is where all your money is going, it is big, huge rather, and has got all the pixels for the sharpest and the clearest images of all times.

And the metal bars on which the display is mounted, are actually speaker bars. So you do get some kind of a support sound experience, which is really awesome. To be precise, you will get a 3-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound. Plus, the television is smart phone TV as well. This means you will be able to access all your apps on this TV. And best of all, this TV has a 1.4 GHz quad core processor, which is just like the one on my Samsung Galaxy S III.

Source: IGN

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