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Samsung will launch first Tizen powered smart phone in third quarter of this year

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Only after the adoption of Google’s Android mobile operating system, did Samsung become the world leader in smart phones (maybe after Apple). But before Android happened to the South Korean smart phone giant, you would not have bought a Samsung for sure. The company was more into Java based operating systems for its smart phones, and of course Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system. The company does make Microsoft Windows Phone 8 smart phone even today. But Android is still the major part of its smart phone division.

And in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Mobile Chief of Samsung, J K Shin, has announced that the first smart phone running the new open source operating system, Tizen, will be made available to the public in the third quarter of this year. The South Korean smart phone giant has been working on this new operating system for some time now, with Intel. So we can expect Intel’s hardware to be present on the smart phone.

And this announcement has obviously raised a few questions. One of them was if the relationship with Google that Samsung has might have been damaged, due to the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google. But J K Shin ruled out this one. “We have a good relationship with Google,” said the executive.

He said that the company wanted to offer as many choices to its customers as possible, and the operating system that the smart phone is running is one of the most important choices. “It’s a somewhat risk mitigation plan. Android has huge market share but…there is more fragmentation and it’s growing but impossible to control,” said an executive at a mobile operating system startup, who declined to be named.

This is true, because there is no doubt that Google’s Android is gaining a lot of speed. But this speed could become the enemy of the product if it is not controlled properly.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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