Samsung will appeal for reduction in patent damages award

Apple vs Samsung

The legal patent battle between Samsung and Apple never seems to be reaching an end. We have been seeing the two tech giant battle each other all across the world for more than a year now. They have made the world their battleground literally suing each other in all the four continents. The U. S. District court in San Jose, California, seems to be the only place where some progress is happening, but then seems to start all over again as one of the two companies decides to go further again or appeal the judge’s decision.

Judge Judy Koh at the District Court on March 1st decided to cut the damages award by almost half. This was the money that Samsung had almost paid Apple for infringing its patents, and the total sum was a whopping $1.05 billion. The Judge said that the jury had not followed her instructions in the case and hence had decided on the wrong amount. Now, from this 1.05 billion U. S. dollars, $450,514,650, which is 45% of the total sum, has been reduced and the South Korean Android smart phone giant only has to pay the remaining 55% of the money.

But, Samsung shows no intentions of stopping right here. The company has decided to seek further review of this decision to see if it can get that damages award money any less. So this means another amount of time spent on the case and a few more reports such as this one. “We are pleased that the court decided to strike $450,514,650 from the jury’s award,” Samsung spokesman Nam Ki-yung said in an e-mailed statement yesterday. “Samsung intends to seek further review of the remaining award.”

So I guess, this battle will continue for some more time and we will be reporting it for you, for sure.

Source: Mac News

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