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Samsung updates its high end series 9 ultrabook

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

Samsung released its flagship premium offering of the ultrabook, the Series 9 ultrabook, nine months back. The ultrabook is one of the costliest in the market, and rightfully so. The South Korean tech giant had released it to compete with some of its competitors, such as Lenovo, in the ultrabook market. When the company had released the ultrabook nine months back, the company had put a 1600 x 900 pixel display. But that display department in every company has grown since then, and Samsung itself supplies displays to most companies. So the company had to update the display on its premium ultrabook offering if it was to get some units sold.

So the company tested the new Series 9 ultrabook at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2013, back in January. The new and updated Samsung Series 9 ultrabook comes with a 13.3 inch 1920 x 1080 pixel LED display, which is just awesome to look at. The company is playing catch up now that the offerings from other companies in the same sector is better than what the company has been offering.

The new LED display on the Series 9 Ultrabook uses the “Super Bright” technology, which the South Korean tech giant says will make the ultrabook up to 50 per cent more brighter than any other ultrabook or laptop in the market. But this raises a concern, what about the battery backup? Well, the company says that the battery will be able to power the ultrabook for up to nine hours on one complete charge. But you can expect something in the five hours range.

And surprisingly, the new Samsung Series 9 ultrabook does not feature a touch screen, unlike some of its competitors, that too with Windows 8 coming installed out of the box. Along with this, there is a 4 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD on the specs sheet. And you will be shelling out a good $1,899.99.

Source: The Verge

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