Samsung to release its own version of a set top box –the HomeSync

Samsung is dragging its eternal battle with Apple to a new war field-that of set top boxes. From smart phones, to tablets, laptops to televisions, Samsung and Apple have gone head-to-head all too frequently. The newest clash is in the TV arena with Samsung’s new set-top box for sharing digital content across your network, the HomeSync.

Good features on the box with a 1.7GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 1 TB built-in hard drive and 8GB NAND storage for quick boot up, Samsung has gone the whole nine yards in ensuring its full-Android box hits Apple TV hard. The device runs on Android’s latest 4.1 –JellyBean. It features Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity and gigabit Ethernet for wired, LAN connectivity. The box is a nice piece of work with the additional provision of two USB 3.0 ports to add a range of devices like a mouse or keyboard. In addition to a range of inclusive features Samsung has managed to provide in the set-top box, is an \
android remote to control the box.

home1Videos, Movies, music and other digital content can be streamed from a Samsung device like a tablet or a phone to the set top box so you can watch 1080p HD quality video on your widescreen TV. The HomeSync offers an additional encryption and multi-user account service to ensure no one gets to open your private collection of digital media.

There is no comment or confirmation from the company about when the HomeSync is due for release but the set-top box will be out very soon to battle arch rival’s Apple TV.


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