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Samsung to make record sales in Q1 of 2013


Samsung has been having a good time especially in the last few quarters, when the company was able to ship a record breaking number of devices. And looks like the company will continue the same trend and will break some more records this year.


According to the analysts from Counterpoint Research, Samsung will be able to sell more than 70 million devices in Q1 of 2013. If the company manages to do as predicted, then it would set a new record for a quarter. The analysts’ further point out that the company has managed to sell almost 25 million handsets per month in 2013 and the trend would mean that it could easily cross the 70 million mark by the end of the first quarter.

Things are looking good for the company this year with its market share increasing from 32% in the last quarter to 35% in this quarter. Although the seasonal demand has been low this year, manufacturers like Apple and LG have managed to increase their market shares. Apple’s worldwide market share increased from 17% to 21% while LG’s increased from 4% to 4.3%. Chinese manufacturers too have managed to increase their market share this quarter. LTE’s claimed a market share of 4.6% while Huawei had a market share of around 4.4%.

With the sales figures reaching new heights, we expect the company’s profits to increase in this quarter but we would have to wait for the first quarter statements from the company to compare the actual performance. Unfortunately, the first quarterly statements would not give us any idea about the initial sales figure of Galaxy SIV, but we can evaluate the final performance of the Galaxy SIII after the launch of its successor.

With the company still having a tremendous lead over other competitors like Apple, Nokia, LG we don’t expect them to overtake Samsung anytime soon, not even next year. So, unless Samsung does something terribly wrong, we see the company growing steadily for a foreseeable future.

via Yonhap News

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