Samsung Galaxy S4 Possible Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S4 specs and features have already been released and so far, everything is impressive. The flagship comes with at least, 18 new features. These things make the phone so attractive and millions of enthusiasts would surely buy the device because of them. However, they might also be the cause of disappointment to some users especially when problems hinder from using any of the features Samsung boasts about of its flagship.

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We will try to go a step forward and predict problems that users might encounter when using the Galaxy S4. Please note that everything we say here is based on our speculations and they may or may not occur in the future.

Lagging, Freezing and Poor Performance

Over time, a smartphone’s performance may deteriorate and we believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no exception. There would be lags, freezes and even unwanted reboots. There is one thing that almost guarantees this—TouchWiz.

We’ve been covering Galaxy S3 problems for a while now that a huge percentage of performance-related issues were caused by Samsung’s custom launcher. While we understand that TouchWiz UI is important to Samsung to deliver the kind of experience it wants its users to enjoy, there is always a tendency that it would cause unpleasant experiences.

The Galaxy S4 will feature the latest version of TouchWiz, which is currently available and in use by majority of Galaxy S3 owners. Unless future owners of the S4 will have to have their units rooted and get rid of TW, performance problems caused by the custom launcher will always haunt them.

Air View and Air Gestures Won’t Work

Air View and Air Gestures allow users to display information of a certain file or content by hovering their finger over an icon and execute commands through waves of the hand. These features are unmistakably cool but since this is the first time Samsung implemented them, there could be bugs and problems.

We have a feeling that users will complain about these features not working few days after they gotten hold of their units. A simple malfunction of the camera will affect these features or even simple lags might have an impact on their functionality.

Adapt Display and Sound Issues

Another problem that seems common to Galaxy S3 users is the auto-brightness that always fails to function properly. The Adapt Display feature will automatically adjust display brightness if the phone detects the user is reading contents. The process may sound simpler but it’s not.

Imagine this, the phone will analyze whether the user’s eyes are reading something on the screen, then it would analyze the kind of content the user is reading, then detect the amount of brightness in its surroundings, then project the correct brightness, contrast and color.

The Adapt Sound feature may also be plagued with inconsistency like Adapt Display because the we see it, it’s even more complicated than the latter. We still don’t know the nature of these features and we could be wrong with our assumptions.

Battery Drain Issue

With all the features the Galaxy S4 brings it is almost a guarantee that the first component to suffer from over usage is the battery. Yes, the phone has a monster battery but imagine the number of services that should be kept on for the device to perform what it is designed for.

We’ve listed about 18 features of the phone and many of those require more than one service to run. For example, the dual camera feature actually makes use of both the primary and secondary cameras. The Air Gestures feature has its own software that interprets gestures being fed to it through the camera that keeps on scanning.

Perhaps the biggest power-eater in the phone is its 5-inch Super AMOLED display that features full HD resolution. Behind the screen is the graphics processor that keeps pictures better with high quality.

Now, take into consideration the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 with its 8 cores. We are sure Samsung did everything just to make the chipset as energy-efficient as possible. But let’s face it, a processor with 8 cores eat up power faster than the one with only 4 cores.

On top of those things are the Wi-Fi and mobile data services.

Clearly, the 2600mAh battery couldn’t last a day if all services are turned on.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly very good and very powerful but it’s not perfect. User should get themselves ready for possible problems they may experience. The company’s engineers and testers should have already done every sort of testing for the device to replicate possible problems but it’s not enough. Wait and see when millions of people have already laid their hands on it, there will be hundreds of problems that would be reported online.

Does it mean the phone sucks? No. That’s just the reality of every electronic device. The more popular the phone is, the more problems will be discovered as more people use it daily. For this year, I think the Samsung Galaxy S4 will become the noisiest smartphone online.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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4 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 Possible Problems”

  1. Wifes Galaxy S4 internet is not connecting. The email and texting is fine but not able to open any web page or apps.

  2. Was thinking of getting the GS4 but in view of all those potential issues i will wait for the iPhone 5S or get a Nokia lumia 928

  3. So in other words there ARE NO issues to report. All this is simply a “could poosibly” opinion.

  4. How negative! Users don’t have to root to remove touchwiz, using any third party launcher such as nova or apex will do this. Yes you will not have access to any touch wiz specific widgets, but there you go. A poll recently on another android site shows the majority of users try these.
    You also seem to forget that Samsung have managed to improve the performance of the biggest battery drain on any phone, the screen.
    Very pessimistic article!

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