List of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

This list will present eighteen of Samsung Galaxy S4 Features. We have a different post for Galaxy S4 full specifications, pricing and availability.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has already been unveiled yesterday, March 14th, confirming some rumors while invalidating others that were founded on mere speculations. The presentation was actually shorter than last year’s but it was more entertaining and to the point; just like what every enthusiast wanted.

The Galaxy S4 is a pleaser, or at least, Samsung built it that way. It packs almost everything that an enthusiast wanted; powerful processor, lots of RAM and storage, huge battery, better camera sensor, latest version of operating system, etc… But if there’s one thing that may cause a disappointment, it’s the design. The Galaxy S4 looks almost the same as its antecedent.

The good thing is Samsung never fell short when it comes to giving its new flagship its features. Now, here is the list of the Samsung Galaxy S4 features:

#1. Air View

The Samsung Galaxy S4 allows users to hover a finger over a piece of content on the phone’s screen and more information will be displayed. For example, hovering a finger over a date on the calendar will view things the users want to do on that specific date if there’s any. Hovering over an .mp3 file will display the track’s artist, album, length, etc. This functionality is not new to Samsung devices; Galaxy Note 2 owners can do this using the stylus. What’s amazing about this technology is that touch is not required.

#2. Air Gestures / Floating Touch

Users can execute commands just by doing some gestures in front of the phone without touching the screen. This technology is called Air Gestures or simply being referred to by others as “floating touch.” A camera scans hand gestures done in front of the phone and interprets them in a matter of split second to execute a command. When the user waves a hand over the display, the phone will skip a track, or switch between web pages if the hand waves left or right. For now, there are few supported apps.

#3. S Health

Health conscious people should try this app built by Samsung developers. It serves as a fitness tracker primarily but users can also monitor their food intake. Not only that, the S4 comes with built-in pedometer that counts every step a user makes. There’s more this app can offer said Samsung, so let’s wait and see how this health-oriented functionality can actually help users become healthier each day.

#4. Dual Camera

Majority of smartphones nowadays always come with two cameras: front- and rear-facing cameras. However, you can only use one at a time. Samsung has developed a feature that allows both snappers to run simultaneously. Not only that, the user can take photos using both snappers simultaneously so that the subject on the secondary camera will be superimposed on the subject of the primary camera.

#5. Dual Video Chat

Since both cameras are activated simultaneously, the user can actually do a video chat with the secondary camera showing himself and the primary showing what’s in front of the user. This is a new functionality in Android world so many would surely love this feature.

#6. Drama Shot

The Galaxy S4 comes packed with 13-megapixel camera and photos are actually of high quality when taken with proper lighting. Well, Samsung gave its new flagship almost twice as high as the camera in the Galaxy S3 because it allows 12 photos to be taken at once.

#7. S Voice Drive

Using the existing S Voice technology that people have seen in the Galaxy S3, the manufacturer derived a more advanced technology for drivers to operate their phones via voice commands. This is a lot more convenient and safer than to execute commands via touch.

#8. Adapt Display

This functions like the auto-brightness feature that’s present in all smartphones only that the Adapt Display function on the S4 is a lot smarter. Once the phone detects the user is reading an article, it will adjust the brightness to a level more conducive to reading.

#9. Adapt Sound

Audio technologies are not really that impressive but it seems like you’ll be impressed with the Adapt Sound functionality of the S4. Once the phone detects you’re listening to music, it will optimize audio quality. Currently, there are no other information provided by Samsung about this function but it seems like the phone will take into consideration the genre of the music as well as the channel (headphones or loudspeaker) the user is using to produce better audio quality.

#10. S Translator

Translator engines are not really new to anyone as there are a lot of them from the web. The S Translator, however, can translate not just text but also voice. Samsung said there will be 10 languages available and if this technology becomes successful, there will be new language packs in the future updates.

#11. Smart Scroll

The S4 will be a lot busier than its antecedent because it does not only scans gestures of the hands, it also scans users’ eyes. Once it detects the user almost reaches the bottom of the page he or she is reading, the phone will automatically scroll the page so the user can continue reading without having to initiate gestures or commands.

#12. Optical Reader

This is, perhaps, one of the most sophisticated technologies Samsung developed for its flagship. According to Samsung representatives, the phone’s camera can be used to take a photo of a business card and abstract information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., and save them as a new contact. Even Google hasn’t developed a technology that would allow its search engines to read texts on pictures, so Samsung may be the first one to realize it via the Optical Reader feature.

#13. Smart Pause

This feature was specifically developed for multimedia purposes. When a user watches a movie on the phone and it can sense that the eyes move away from the screen, it would automatically pause the video. Once the user sets his or her eyes back on the screen, the phone will automatically continue playing the video.

#14. Smart Scroll

Rather than using the finger to scroll the page up and down, the user can simply tilt the phone up and down to scroll.

#15. WatchON

The Galaxy S4 comes with IR (infrared) sensor so users can control their TV sets, and select cable boxes and DVD players (probably these are new models of Samsung DVD players). At least, Samsung is drifting closer to develop entertainment hubs in the future.

#16. Group Play

Multiple Galaxy S4s can play the same music at once when all are connected via Group Play. If there are five or six S4s playing the same music, you can get the picture how Surround 5.1 works.

#17. Sound & Shot

Users can record up to nine seconds of audio during the taking of the photo. So, instead of putting captions on photos that might just be memorable, recording an audio would make them even more precious.

#18. Story Album

If you’ve been fond of keeping scrapbooks, the Galaxy S4 might just work well for you as it allows the user to create digital scrapbooks and photo journals.

Galaxy S3’s Smart Stay technology was the key to develop these new features the S4 is currently enjoying. The thought of having to use a smartphone with a processor that has 8 cores is exciting. For this year, it seems like Samsung would still dominate in the mobile industry because other high-end devices would appear to be mediocre if compared with the Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has already been unveiled yesterday, March 14th, confirming some rumors while invalidating others that were founded on mere speculations. The presentation was actually shorter than last year’s but it was more entertaining and to the point; just like what every enthusiast wanted.