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Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

We’ve already published the first edition of our Galaxy S2 (S II) Problems and Solutions series in February and we received hundreds of emails from users who have experienced the same problems as we presented in the post. There were also a lot of questions about problems we haven’t experienced and many of them are not really that popular. So, we have to do more research, talk with people who have vast knowledge in mobile industry, and seek to reproduce the same problems.

In this post, there will be four problems that many of our readers sent us. The first one is about the Galaxy S2’s screen that would turn very hot when used straight for hours. We have received a lot of emails containing this very same problem. Majority of those emails have something in common; users said the screen turns hot only when used for hours.

The second section deals with the lagging issue that many S2 users also experience. In this case, the lagging was caused by too many apps running in the background. We presented procedures to close those apps as well as how to clear the device’s memory to cache new data from apps.

The third part deals with not so common problem. We believe, however, that it is a charging problem than being software-related. The user said the battery was completely drained and the device refused to get charged. Logically, the phone won’t turn on if there’s no power left in the source. We presented a few measures to know the underlying cause of the problem.

The last section is about the Galaxy S2’s tendency to become really hot resulting to lagging and poor performance. We explained that the lagging is normally caused by overheating and overheating is caused by accumulation of heat from the screen and the battery.

We are geared to help our readers and we are open to receive questions about the problems you may have or still experiencing with your device. So, feel free to send us email at [email protected]. We may not be able to respond to your emails but rest assured all emails we receive are read.


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