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Samsung Galaxy S IV ROM dump online

Samsung Galaxy S IV S Voice apk

If you are a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smart phones and can not wait to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S IV smart phone, here is one way you can probably get one step closer to that, dress up your Samsung Galaxy S III to feel more like the Galaxy S IV. We have already got the Galaxy S IV ringtones and wallpapers for other smart phones, but that will not take our Galaxy S IIIs anywhere close to the real deal.

But if you are ready to wait a bit more longer, T Mobile has officially stated that it will start stocking the Samsung Galaxy S IV smart phones from the 1st of May. But then again, that is a good one month away, which is just unbearable for some of us. So if you are of this kind, you would be happy to know that some goodies from the Samsung Galaxy S IV system dump have been released online for other smart phones.

The wallpapers and the ringtone that we have already seen are part of this dump, and today, we have the popular S Voice that we will be getting on the Galaxy S IV. So if you are interested, you can download the S Voice for Galaxy S IV apk file and flash it on to your existing Galaxy S III smart phones.

Apparently, the apk file will install without any issues on almost all the Samsung Galaxy S III firmwares. But if you have a plain vanilla ROM, you have some issues getting the new Samsung S Voice to work on your smart phone. So, if you are interested, head over to Sam Mobile to get the apk you are looking for.

Source: Pocket Now

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