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Samsung Galaxy S IV is all plastic

Smasung Galaxy S IV leaked image

Having used a bunch of Samsung, HTC, and Motorola Android smart phones for a few years now, I know how I want my smart phones to be. Each of these smart phone manufacturers offers something different and new with each version and model of the smart phone that they release. But something about these smart phones remains the same that define the manufacturer, apart from the brand name of course. For Samsung, this thing is the use of plastic on the bodies of each of its smart phones.

Some people complain about this, some people kind of like it, and some people just do not care about it. But Samsung has always been using plastic to define the body of its smart phones from a long, long time. Other smart phone manufacturers have moved on to high quality Aluminium and stuff to make their devices stand out in the crowd and look premium. But Samsung smart phones are already premium in terms of functionality.

Anyway, we are being told by another rumor out the rumor mill that Samsung will continue with this tradition for the new Galaxy S IV as well. I say there are no surprises there, and I just do not care. I know that the company would have tested the smart phone to make sure that it can handle a few minor drops from a small height such as a table or a desk. And I will be getting a protective case along with the case so that I do have to worry about dropping it. I do this even if the smart phone is built of hard rock.

The important thing to see while buying a smart phone is the processing power and all the features it brings along, not if it is made of plastic or metal. Also, the company seems to be going with a removable back cover as well. This means that you can get easy access to your SIM card and microSD card slots and you can put in a bigger battery if you need. You like it?

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