Samsung Galaxy S IV cases made in China spotted at CeBIT 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV cases at CeBIT 2013 event

This would not be the first time we are seeing a leak of the Samsung Galaxy S IV cases. We have seen almost the same ones before, last month, and we are seeing these again. But there is a difference. Last month, images of similar cases of the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S IV were leaked on to the internet by some people. These were not officially showcased by some company on the internet. But this one kind of makes this official, because these are not leaked photos.

If you are interested in technology and follow the field, you would know that there is another tech related show going on, very soon after the biggest smart phone show in the world, the Mobile World Congress which took place this year in Barcelona. The show we are talking about today is the CeBIT. The show is not so high profile as the Consumer Electronics Show or the Mobile World Congress, but it is for sure interesting in its own ways.

The CeBIT 2013 event is taking place in Hanover, Germany right now and these Samsung Galaxy S IV cases were pictured there. Even though we cannot these are the real deal of the Galaxy S IV case, we can be sure of one thing that whoever put these cases at the event is very confident about these, which means that the person would be confident about the Galaxy S IV smart phone itself. Does it make any sense?

According to these cases, the next flagship smart phone of the manufacturer is going to be more on the lines of the Galaxy S II, with rectangular edges and stuff, and a lot less like the current flagship, the Galaxy S III. We can see that even though the smart phone is expected to come with a bigger 4.99 inch display compared to the 4.8 inch display of the Galaxy S III, the case of the S IV is even smaller. Does this mean thinner bezels? Well, we do not know.

The best way to find out is wait a week more till the 14th of this month when the company is expected to unveil the new smart phone at its event.

Source: Android Authority