Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Be Showcased To AT&T Executives

The Galaxy Note series of devices has proven to be a success for Samsung so far. It started with the first Galaxy Note N7000 released in October 2011 then followed by the Galaxy Note II N7100 which was released in August 2012.  This year the company is planning to release the third iteration of this model and it is reportedly going to be showcased to high level AT&T executives this week.

A report released by the Korea Times say that AT&T executives will be meeting with their Samsung counterparts in Korea this week and part of the agenda may include the promotion and marketing of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. What is going to be previewed is a mock-up version of the device without any chips inside.

What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so far? Initial rumors suggest that the device will be sporting a 6.3 inch display. The recent announcement of the company regarding their gaming accessory called the Galaxy Pad which is designed to work with the Galaxy S4 but is compatible with devices with a display up to 6.3 inches further boosted the credibility of the display size of the Note 3.

A new report however is released which says the display size of the upcoming Note 3 will only be 5.9 inch full HD OLED display. This isn’t a surprise though since there are also other rumors that the company will be releasing a 5.9 inch device this year. The Note 3 might be the 5.9 inch device the rumors are speculating on.

Some of the other features that the device will have are

  • Exynos 5 Octa processor, same as what is used in the S4
  • support for LTE connectivity

As far as the release date of the device goes nothing official has been set yet. If we however base it on previous releases then we should expect this to be released sometime at the end of August  just in time for the IFA 2013 event in Berlin.

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