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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

This is the fifth article we’ve posted about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems and errors. The first three articles were carrier-specific dealing problems users often experience under their respective network. In this post, we will tackle the most common problems and issues users have been and currently experiencing.

The first problem is among the most pressing ones. It’s about the Galaxy Note 2 battery not being able to charge. In this post we walk you through troubleshooting a possible charger or battery issue. The entire process will involve having to pop the back panel open to take the battery out and insert charger without battery in place.

The second problem is about the Galaxy Note 2’s tendency to drop Wi-Fi connection or not be able to connect to a network at all. It is one of the most recent GN2 problems reported online and it seems the number of users reported having to experience this problem is increasing. Fortunately, it’s not something users should be worried about because it’s a minor issue and could be fixed by simple procedures we’ve mentioned in this post.

The third problem addressed in this post is about longer load times of some apps. Over time the device can accumulate data in its memory and if not cleared, many of those data will get corrupt making the device slower. There are also apps that need to load a lot of data and use many services; such apps may take longer load times than others. But users need to reassess if the load time is normal or not. We will walk you through that.

The fourth problem is about the newly-discovered security flaw for Samsung devices running the company’s TouchWiz UI. We have explained how the flaw works with a procedure to reproduce the problem. We also included a few things you can use to prevent it from happening.

Do you have questions or problems about your Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Feel free to email us at [email protected] or join our community. We will answer your questions and probably come up with a write up on how to solve those problems… at least, we will try.

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