Samsung Distances Itself From Android During The Unpacked Event


The people in attendance and those who were watching the live broadcast of Samsung’s Unpacked event definitely noticed that something was missing as the company unveiled their new product, the Android-based Galaxy S4. The hosts and the company representatives rarely mentioned the word “Android” according to Yahoo! News. The lack of mention of the new smartphone’s operating system fueled up speculations that the company is definitely distancing itself from Android because it is planning to develop its own.

The “Great OS Escape”

Aapo Markkanen, ABI Research Senior Analyst, confirmed the rumors and he dubbed Samsung’s move as the “Great OS Escape”. He said that the company is employing the approach in order to slowly detach itself from Google’s operating system. According to the analyst, the plan of the company is to lessen the dependency of its products from other companies over the next two years. The theory of Markkanen is that Samsung is gradually working to gain total control over its platforms and that involves making its own OS in order to move up to a new level. Noticeably, the company has made it a point to pack their new product, the Galaxy S4, with their own engineered features as much as possible to start showing their customers that they can be better off on their own which means not being too dependent on Google’s services.

Rumors Officially Confirmed

In a recent news from Bloomberg, Samsung confirmed the rumors by revealing that their Tizen operating system will make a debut later this year, which is probably in August or September. The new OS will be incorporated in the device that will bear its name, the Tizen Phone. The new smartphone equipped with Samsung’s signature OS will be released following the latest Galaxy S4 and the new version of the Galaxy Note.

Bloomberg also stated that Samsung Group, Intel Corporation, Sprint Nextel Corporation and 9 other major companies are developing Tizen as an alternative to Android. The decision of Samsung to develop its own software came after Google acquired the Motorola brand for more than $12 billion in May last year.

The Statistics

The reliance of Samsung on the Android platform is so obvious based the source’s data. Estimates from Bloomberg Industries showed that 96% of the company’s smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2012 relied on Google’s operating system. The rest are running on Bada which is for low-end devices in Europe and emerging markets.

About the Tizen OS

CNET says that Tizen is a high-end and open-source operating system supported by the association of various mobile phone vendors all around the world like the Samsung, Panasonic, Vodafone, Sprint, Orange, DoCoMo, Huawei and others. The wireless carriers are apparently attracted with the new Tizen OS because of its flexibility. The operating system allows the carriers to configure it in order for them to gain more exclusive control over their subscribers.

The development of the software also serves as the industry’s reaction to the ever-growing dominance of the iOS and Android on mobile devices, the tech site further said.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Bloomberg and CNET

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