Samsung design chief talks about plastics, software, and souls


It is a well known fact that the South Korean smart phone giant, Samsung, uses plastic to a large extent on its smart phones, even the premium ones, and the material will be high qualiSamsung Galaxy S IV Life Companionty plastic, to be fair. But its competitors such as the Cupertino based tech giant Apple, and Taiwan based smart phone manufacturer HTC, use high quality and specially designed Aluminium metal for the body of their smart phones, and this feels really premium and awesome in hand. But Samsung still gets a good market share for its smart phones. And at Engadget’s Expand conference, Samsung Design America head Dennis Miloseski, speaks about the importance of the materials used in the design of smart phones.

“Actually, the global design process has been raised,” Miloseski said. “We’re making devices thinner and lighter, screens more beautiful. With Samsung, it’s less about that but more about building a meaningful relationship with technology.”

Miloseski’s discussion made it seem obvious that he had the new Samsung Galaxy S IV in his mind, and as we all know, the smart phone brings the design aspects of the Galaxy S III with it. During the announcement of the new flagship device, the company focused more on the software features of the device rather than speaking about its specs and under the hood stuff. And after listening to the talk, you can say that in the future, lower priced smart phones will be available in abundance as manufacturers other than Samsung and Apple will be focusing more on that sector.

“As these devices become smarter, letting them sense where you are and adjusting to that, it’s known that design will improve over time,” Miloseski said. “But now, we’re thinking about: how do you create a soul for a device.”

“The design process doesn’t start with a material,” he said. “It doesn’t start with us saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a device that uses metal.’ The design process starts with a story. For a device [like the GS4], which is global and sells around the world, it’s a matter of going into many different tastes.”

Source: Apple Insider