Samsung Cries Foul Over 45% Payment Cut, to Seek Review of Apple Patent Damages Case

Samsung vs AppleSamsung Electronics is looking for a further review into the patent case, after the company gained 45% of their money back from Apple. The court case originally fined $1.05 billion to Samsung, but that was dropped by 45% on March 1.

US District Judge Lucy Koh dropped the damages award after noticing the decision the jury made was based on incorrect legal theory. Samsung wants the Judge and others to review the case again, for further drops.

The battle began three years ago, when Samsung’s growth in the mobile industry started becoming significantly larger than other Android providers. Since then, the two companies have been in court around the world a lot more times than anyone would like to count, with patents from every angle being thrown in.

The US court battle was the largest, with Samsung charged $1.05 billion. Many said this was due to the US patent system and the fact Apple was a homegrown company, while Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, was away from home.

Samsung intends to try to gain more of the remaining reward back with the further review into the case. The company gained a lot of dissension after this decision was made, with many calling the company an Apple-copycat.

Weirdly, Apple continues to be one of Samsung’s biggest customers, with Cupertino still buying components from the electronics manufacturer. Apple is starting to move away from Samsung to a company with less mobile dominance.

Lucy Koh has been on the offensive against Apple, denying Cupertino’s bid for 26 Samsung devices to be banned and denied Apple of upping the payment reward. The reward for the products was apparently heavily disputed, and unfairly given to Samsung.

We believe the two companies will appeal for review into the payment, but with Koh now more favorable to Samsung, we may see further reduction.