Samsung confirms S4 release date – March 14, 2013!

It’s has been a while since the Galaxy S3 was released worldwide and demand for this terrific creation is still huge! This is the phone that catapulted Samsung to the top spot in the phone market that no other maker has been able to dislodge. The king of phones is a title won by Samsung with the fabulous Galaxy S3 sporting the motto “Designed for Humans”. What could be better than the S3? Well, general consensus rests with two options – Apple’s latest iPhone, always tough competition for the Korean gadget maker and Samsung’s very own – The Galaxy S4. With Samsung finally announcing the release date for Galaxy S4, excitement is rife about what the latest model will offer. Of course, the S4 is under tremendous pressure given the unprecedented success of the S3 but the phone outlook is rosy.

s42March 14 will be a day of reckoning of sorts for ardent tech fans with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Most sequel phones, so to speak do not do as well as the one star model and generally the series begins to decline. It is hard for a company to keep the same ship afloat for very long but both Apple and Samsung have had a great run so far. Samsung’s S Series has done remarkably well up to this point but the meteoric success of the S3 has raised expectations tenfold. S4 will make or break the trend. Four consecutive best sellers is a huge success for any phone maker in times like this when every company is coming out with great specs.

Though Samsung has kept the features under wraps, we do know the S4 will sport a Snapdragon 800 quad core processor, long battery life and a 1080p display. Looking good S4. Whether the phone can take on Apple, HTC, Sony and Motorola brands is a different question with the last three companies steeping up their game. Apple has always been a strong force to reckon with.

Here’s wishing the S4 the very best of luck, waiting breathless for the release of the next big thing this year!


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